Citrus fruits are great for the summer and can be a very delicious treat! On a warm summer day nothing can quite quench your thirst better than oranges or some sweet lemonade. Yet, what’s even more spectacular (besides the taste) is the numerous health benefits they possess. For instance, many people consume citrus fruits (such as oranges) to hydrate and energize before exercising, or to get additional vitamins and other nutrients, to detox, and to promote better health overall.

Nevertheless, usually when we think of juicy citrus fruits, we think of oranges, limes, or lemons. These fruits are great in their own unique way and can be consumed in various forms. Yet, unfortunately, the grapefruit – another plant from the citrus family – may be an afterthought for many people. Although, the grapefruit is visually stimulating with its bright red colours, it may not seem as appealing as the other fruits; many people associate this hybrid fruit with bitterness and sourness. However, these preconceived notions should be pushed aside! The grapefruit contains many positive and beneficial qualities! The grapefruit can be an excellent source of vitamins, promote healthy skin, can be extremely hydrating, and can do much more!


Grapefruit is great for your complexion and can help you achieve a beautiful glow. This citrus fruit contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals, and various other nutrients. Due to these vitamins and nutrients, grapefruit can help fight skin damage, promote production of collagen, reduce wrinkles/age spots, bring some smoothness, reduce dryness, and refresh your skin. Overall, your complexion can be left feeling firmer, softer, clearer, and a lot healthier.
Although, you can consume grapefruit to achieve these results, applying grapefruit essential oil (or a product with grapefruit) can be just as good – maybe even better! Fortunately, Maple Organics new summer line of Skin Therapy includes grapefruit essential oil, along with many other nourishing ingredients! Using the essential oil or our Skin Therapy balm can make applying grapefruit to your skin a lot easier and may be more effective.


Grapefruit’s aroma is another beneficial aspect of the fruit. The scent can help uplift your mood, bring clarity to your mind, bring some energy, mental alertness, relieve tension/stress, and it may even help promote healthy sleep. Some studies even suggest that the smell of grapefruit can reduce anxiety levels and depression. A great and easy way to add the grapefruit scent into your life can be through the Grapefruit Skin Therapy Balm. You can use this product in the morning or night and it will leave you smelling and feeling great.

Consumption of Grapefruit – the benefits and the disclaimer

As we have already discovered, there are many benefits from applying grapefruit topically. However, there are many other benefits that are gained from consuming grapefruit as well. The number one benefit from eating grapefruit is weight loss! Many studies have shown that eating a certain amount of grapefruit can help you lose some weight. It is also suggested that it can help with metabolism, boosts your immune system, reduces fever, indigestion, great for hydration, and may be helpful with other health issues (such as blood pressure, diabetes, or even cancer). However, it should be noted that grapefruit cannot be taken with certain medication; it can interact negatively with certain drugs and can be harmful. So before you start integrating grapefruits into your diet, make sure to consult your doctor and see if it suitable for you!