If you have been following Maple Organic products, you may be familiar with the The Three Step Process. But, for those of you who are new to our products, this post will help guide you through our various lines and the wonderful The Three Step Process!

To bring a bit background to what the Three Step Process is all about, we will look at the two Nourish lines and the origin to these two lines as well. The first line is the Nourish Baby Bundle, which includes a Baby Moisture Balm, a Baby Wash, and a Baby lotion. The second line is the Nourish Adult Bundle, which includes the Skin Therapy Balm, an Adult cleanser, and a Hydrate lotion. The Three Step Process provides a detailed outline on how to use the products, which order to use the products, and what their benefits are. However, before we dive into the The Three Step Process for each bundle, we will first dive into their origin.


The two Nourish Bundles and The Three Step Process was inspired by skincare routines and techniques derived from India. These skincare processes are very different from North American standards. For instance, in India, individuals would start their skincare rituals by sitting in a warm room. While soaking up the warmth, people would proceed to rub local butters on their skin and would massage different parts of their body. Once they have completed the massage they would allow the butter to sit and soak into their skin. Many people would even sleep with the butter on their skin, allowing it to absorb thoroughly overnight. After this initial step, a bath is required. During this bath it is important to use a very mild soap that only removes the excess oil on the skin. Unlike soaps used in North America, these soaps do not necessarily lather and they do not contain surfactants or toxins. After the bath the skin is left feeling moisturized and nourished. As an extra measure, some may apply a bit of lotion after their bath. This skincare routine has been used in India for years and is driven to follow a more organic, pure, and clean process.

Nourish Baby Bundle

The Nourish Baby Bundle follows a similar process as well. Just like in India, Maple Organics Three Step Process takes initiative to keep things organic, pure, and clean. The products that are found in this bundle and that are used in this routine are hypoallergenic and are perfect for sensitive skin. Moreover, majority of the products contain kokum butter and maple extract– two products that provide an abundant amount of moisture and nourishment.

Nevertheless, the first product that is used in this process is the Baby Moisture Balm. This balm is great for dryness, inflammation, or eczema and is a great substitute for petroleum jelly. This product is best used at night and before bathing. Ideally, you would apply this balm on your baby in a warm room or an enclosed room (room without any open windows). Massage the balm on to your baby’s body — you can massage the balm from their head to their little toes. It is important to note that massaging your baby holds many benefits! Firstly, it allows the balm to soak into your baby’s skin more effectively and can get into the deeper levels of their skin. Moreover, giving your baby a massage can be a great way to bond with your child and can help relieve any tension in their muscles. Allow the balm to stay on your baby’s skin for at least 10-15 minutes.

Once the balm is soaked in you can proceed to the second step of The Three Step Process. In this step you can begin by preparing a warm bath for your baby. While in the bath, use the baby wash and baby shampoo to remove the excess balm off the skin/hair. The Maple Organics Baby wash contains kokum butter and can add more nourishment as well. The wash also has lavender added which can help your baby relax for the night.

The third and final step of The Three Step Process involves the baby lotion. After you have taken your baby out of the bath and patted their skin down with a towel, you can proceed to moisturize your baby’s skin. Although, the baby moisture balm is extremely nourishing (the wash as well), the lotion can elevate the level of softness. This lotion is also scented with lavender. After you have completed all the three steps, your baby will be left feeling calm, relaxed, and their skin will be smooth.

Nourish Adult Bundle

The Nourish Adult Bundle Three Step Process is very similar to the Nourish Baby Bundle Three Step Process. Essentially, you begin the same way by applying a balm to your skin. For the first step in the Nourish Adult line you would use the Skin Therapy Balm – which comes in either a Lavender version or Grapefruit. Massage the balm in your skin and let it soak for at least 15-20 minutes; to get even better results, leave the balm overnight! For the second step you can draw a bath and cleanse off the extra balm with our body washes. There are two options for the washes, one is the Enliven Body Wash (which has citrus and ylang ylang) and Hydrate Body Wash (which has lavender, rosemary, and sage scent). Both washes contain unique maple extract and kokum butter for extra nourishment. For the last step, you can moisturize your skin with Maple Organics Hydrate lotion!

After these treatments you or/and your baby will be left feeling amazing!