“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”
​- Gertrude Jekyl

Creating and nurturing a garden can be a very blissful journey! Gardening may motivate you to go outdoors and embrace the warmer weather; with this activity you are able to take in the fresh air, soak up the sun, and immerse yourself into your growing environment. If this is your first time gardening, it may seem like large task at first and potentially a lot of hard work.

But, there is no need to worry! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro, your journey begins the same way – you start with a few seeds or sprouts, bit of water, wishful thinking, and some tender patting of the dirt. Once everything is set into the earth, you may do various things to take care of your work with each passing day. Waiting for something to occur is part of the process. Yet, slowly but surely you begin to see life prosper! One of the great benefits of gardening is the ability to witness the steady growth of your plants and being able to feel a great sense of satisfaction in the end; viewing your flowers bloom is truly a delightful experience. However, this is not the only benefit of gardening – there are many other benefits to gardening as well!

Enhancing your sanctuary 
Gardening can be a lovely way to enhance your yard and your home as well. For many people, a yard can be a sanctuary and can be a place where you find solace. It can also be an area that is associated with many good memories and a place where you can make many more. Moreover, it is a great place to hangout, for kids to play, for dinners, and for many other things as well. It can truly be your happy place.

Certainly, a simple yard can be a great sanctuary, just like any other. However, adding plants – may it be vegetables, fruits, shrubs, trees, or even just flowers – can potentially be a great way to add more life and vibrancy into your sanctuary. It may be even a good way to create a unique and personalized atmosphere. Creating or even just expanding your original garden can be a great opportunity to be creative and produce something that is entirely out of the box. The various colors from the plants can add a nice touch as well. Overall, a garden can be a great addition to your yard – front or back – and lovely way to express yourself.

Bonding time 
One benefit of gardening is the potential social aspect that can be gained from it. Many people praise the positive advantages that are gained from community gardens. Studies link social gardening to an increase in health and overall wellness. Of course, some people may not have an accessible local community garden. But not to worry! You can recreate this social aspect of gardening in your own yard as well. For instance, you can ask people in your life to join in and help out; starting or maintaining your own personal garden can be a wonderful way to bond with your family or friends.

Have kids? Gardening is also a great way to teach younger children some responsibility and a good way to create some amazing memories. Children can get better acquainted with various plants and learn more about them as the plants grow. They can also gain some food knowledge and may be more keen to consume the plants they have grown themselves. But most importantly, you get to spend valuable time with your kids! You’ll bond together and share a lovely experience.

Mind and Body
Gardening can create a positive impact on your mind and body. The garden can be an excellent way to de-stress and relax. Through the process of gardening, you can potentially bring some peace to your mind; it can be similar to mediation or even therapy in some ways. Your body can also benefit from all the nutritious food you consume from your garden, making you healthier inside and out. The more colorful, organic, and pure the food you eat, the better you will feel!

Gardening can also be a great way to exercise; this aspect may be slightly overlooked, but it is a very real aspect of this activity. The level of exertion during gardening can vary from person to person – it can range from moderate exertion to heavy exertion. It is important to prepare your body in advance before you engage in this physical activity. Make sure you take out some time to do a bit of stretching beforehand. Focus on stretches that concentrate on your upper body (back, arms, and wrist) and the lower half of your body (legs and ankles). It might also be helpful to warmup with a short walk or jog.

After you are done with your garden, refresh yourself with some water and stretch again for a bit. Moreover, to prevent or to heal any soreness you can apply a thin layer of either the Muscle Therapy balm or the Joint Therapy balm. Massage these balms in the areas you think that need it! Lastly, will all your hard work you may notice that your hands might need therapy as well. With gardening, your hands may begin to form some callus. To help with this problem, you can lather on some Lavender or our seasonal Grapefruit Skin Therapy on your hands, leaving them smooth and healthy!!