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Maple Organics Bug Spray!

Whether you’re camping outdoors, chilling by a lake, or just wandering in your backyard, you may come across some unsuspecting little pests – mosquitos + other bugs. A good way to avoid any bites, skin irritations, and rashes is to use some sort of repellent. Fortunately, this summer Maple Organics has created a bug [...]


This citrus fruit is a great treat to enjoy in the summer! This fruit holds a very refreshing scent! The grapefruit also has many benefits for our body. Just consuming this fruit can help with your metabolism, make you feel more hydrated, and provides you with multiple nutrients + vitamins. As an Essential Oil, [...]


The eucalyptus essential oil is a beautiful liquid with many benefits. This exuberant oil is extracted from the eucalyptus leaves; this plant originates from Australia. Interestingly, this oil is colorless and the aroma can be fairly “woodsy” with a hint of honey. More importantly, not only with this oil leave you feeling radiant, it [...]


The smell of lavender may be a familiar smell for many. Just the smell alone can help bring a cozy vibe to your environment and to yourself; the sense of relaxation is easily correlated to the lavender scent. Yet, beyond its aroma, lavender oil has been used for years across the globe for its medicinal [...]


The smell and feel of peppermint can bring about a cooling sensation. Moreover, the minty quality of this oil almost brings out a certain quality of freshness to your body. Yet, what is even more astounding about this oil is the numerous benefits that it inhibits. In fact, peppermint has been used for its [...]

Tea Tree.

Tea tree oil has become very popular over the years and may be a more familiar name in many households. In fact, this oil is found in many product across the board, including shampoos, lotions, makeup, and even cleaning products. Tea Tree has a very potent smell and can be a powerful essential oil. Here are [...]

Why choose Maple Organics EO’s?

Why are Essential Oils better than pills? Purity  There are no preservatives, fillers, or anything else that is made from chemical compounds that you don’t need!! That is why the amounts are concentrated in small dosages. Topical + Direct Response Our Essential Oils are to be only applied topically – aka we never suggest ingesting the [...]

Our five amazing essential oils.

We have produced five amazing essential oils, all with different aromas and  different medicinal properties. For instance, we have : Lavender - Relaxes Mind Peppermint - Relieves Headache Grapefruit - Boost Mood Eucalyptus - Cold/Cough Relief Tea Tree - Irritation Relief ​ Yet, each Essential Oil can do much more! Below we have provided a more detailed look at [...]

What is an essential oil?

As the years have gone by, essential oils have gained massive popularity. For many, these oils have become substitutes for pills and other forms of medicine; they are a more natural and safer (but almost equally as effective) alternative medicine. Yet, as popular as they have become, they can still be a mystery for [...]

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