Why are Essential Oils better than pills?


There are no preservatives, fillers, or anything else that is made from chemical compounds that you don’t need!! That is why the amounts are concentrated in small dosages.

Topical + Direct Response

Our Essential Oils are to be only applied topically – aka we never suggest ingesting the oils! Moreover, these oils are great for direct response! You can apply the oil exactly where you need it. This method is much safer for your body.

Nothing Extra

No other extra thing is added to the Essential oils – no steroids or pain killers! It is a single focused benefit.

Why are Maple Organics EO’s the best Essential Oil?

  1. We will only sell Essential Oils diluted to Health Canada approved requirements. Therefore, the risks are government approved and minimized for you.
  2. We know as an organic company, that purity is the key to strength and a certified organic format also ensures no pesticides leach into your body or into our earth.
  3. Not only are our oils pure + safe, they are effective, plant powered, strong, and high level quality.
  4. Further, we suspend our essential oils in the highest grade carrier oil possible.  We use organically grown Camellia Oil, one of nature’s most precious and supreme beauty oils.

Our oils have Life, Color, Power, Strength, AND are Certified Organic!!