Many people may wonder: “what is so unique about the Essential oils and how do the differ from other oils?” Well, there are many differences. Although the oils may all come from the same plant (whether it be a vegetable oil, fragrance oil, or essential oil) they are all made in different ways and should be used in different ways.

For one, edible oil is of course edible, while essential oils are not. Essential oils are less greasy than edible oil and are more fragrant as well. Moreover, edible oils are far less concentrated and are not volatile.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, mimic the scent of the natural plant. However, this artificial + duplicate smell do not mimic the benefits –  they simply smell similar.

Overall, Essentials Oils are more potent and are more beneficial compared to other body or edible oils. They are highly concentrated, are volatile, possess a strong aroma, and they carry many different healing properties.