Tea tree oil has become very popular over the years and may be a more familiar name in many households. In fact, this oil is found in many product across the board, including shampoos, lotions, makeup, and even cleaning products. Tea Tree has a very potent smell and can be a powerful essential oil.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Tea Tree essential oil can help with inflammation! This includes acne or other irritations on the skin.
  • It is anti-fungal.
  • Can help relieve headaches.
  • Can help relieve colds/coughs.
  • This oil can help lighten scars.
  • Not only does Tea Tree help with inflammation, it can also help bring a glow to your skin!
  • Can help your hair feel more nourished; tea tree can help treat dandruff.

The best way to use the Tea Tree Essential Oil is by applying the rollerball topically and breathing in the aroma. You may apply the rollerball to your pulse points at your wrist and smell the scent from there. You can also directly apply the rollerball to any problematic areas that need treatment. DO NOT ingest the oil orally.