The smell of lavender may be a familiar smell for many. Just the smell alone can help bring a cozy vibe to your environment and to yourself; the sense of relaxation is easily correlated to the lavender scent. Yet, beyond its aroma, lavender oil has been used for years across the globe for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

Here are some benefits:

  • Lavender Essential oil is great for your skin! This oil contains antioxidant + anti-inflammatory properties that can help promote healthy skin. It may help with allergic reactions, aging, acne, and other skin conditions. Overall, it is a great oil to nourish your skin!
  • This Essential oil can help ease headaches!
  • It can help boost your mood, help you relax + reduce stress, help with anxiety, and depression.
  • Can improve your sleep.
  • Lavender Essential oil can help with pain as well; can help relieve joint/muscle pain associated with sprain/strain/rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Relief from digestive discomfort.
  • May boost brain activity.
  • Can help relieve colds/coughs.

The best way to use the Lavender Essential Oil is by applying the rollerball topically and breathing in the aroma. You may apply the rollerball to your pulse points at your wrist and smell the scent from there. You can also directly apply the rollerball to any problematic areas that need treatment. DO NOT ingest the oil orally.