This citrus fruit is a great treat to enjoy in the summer! This fruit holds a very refreshing scent! The grapefruit also has many benefits for our body. Just consuming this fruit can help with your metabolism, make you feel more hydrated, and provides you with multiple nutrients + vitamins.

As an Essential Oil, Grapefruit is equally as beneficial:

  • Liquid sunshine!! This oil can help boost your mood, energy, mind – this oil can definitely help you perk up your day.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil can help relieve stress.
  • This oil can reduce inflammation and be a good circulation booster.
  • Can help reduce blemishes.
  • Can help relieve tension in your body.

The best way to use the Grapefruit Essential Oil is by applying the rollerball topically and breathing in the aroma. You may apply the rollerball to your pulse points at your wrist and smell the scent from there. You can also directly apply the rollerball to any problematic areas that need treatment. DO NOT ingest the oil orally.