Whether you’re camping outdoors, chilling by a lake, or just wandering in your backyard, you may come across some unsuspecting little pests – mosquitos + other bugs. A good way to avoid any bites, skin irritations, and rashes is to use some sort of repellent. Fortunately, this summer Maple Organics has created a bug repellent! This bug repellent is deet free, non-irritating, biodegradable, fully plant based, and very effective!

In fact, Co-Founder Rosy Atwal conducted a bit of test with the Maple Organics Bug Spray to show how effective it is. Here is what she discovered:

“One night we camped in our backyard with the whole family. We sprayed Natrapel mosquito spray on one arm and Maple Organics bug spray on the other arm. We then went to sleep and when we woke up we had no bug bites! During the second night we went into the same tent and didn’t use any sprays at all. In the morning we woke up with bites. After seeing these result, we’re confident in knowing that our product is just as good as anything that you’re buying in the drugstore but it’s far safer and cleaner!”

If you are still curious and want to know more about Maple Organics Bug repellent, we have provided more information regarding this product below:

Why were these ingredients chosen? What are some of the key ingredients? 

The bug repellent is composed of various ingredients including: distilled water, eucalyptus radiata oil, citronella oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E (Tocopherol).
Each ingredient holds special properties and work together to make the bug repellent more effective. For instance, Eucalyptus radiata has always been known as a bug repellent. Some people will grow it around their patio to keep bugs away, more specifically mosquitoes. Similarly, lavender tends to have a scent that bugs don’t like, so it just naturally makes them not approach anything that smells like lavender or even looks like it. Lastly, a dash of citronella and tea tree are also two very commonly used repellents for bugs. Moreover, tea tree is an anti irritant for skin; this is a perfect ingredient to calm down your skin.

Does the bug spray have any other benefits? Can you use the spray to treat other things as well?

We love using the bug spray as an air refresher! You can use it as a tent refresher, put it in garbage pails, in a steam mop, and you can spray it in the bathroom. The bug repellent is a wonderful way to keep the air fresh without releasing unnecessary chemicals. The bug repellent also contains tea tree oil and can be used as lice spray. You can spray it in the bath and keep the lice away!

How long does the repellent last? Should you reapply the spray after some time? Would you have to reapply the spray after getting wet?

Initially you would want to apply 2-3 pumps per person prior to going outside. Afterwards, you would want to reapply every 6 hours or so and after getting wet.

Is this spray as effective as other bug sprays found in retail?

Absolutely! When we develop this product we tested it against a lot of other products that we had found on the shelves of Major Canadian retailers; we are proud to say that our bug repellent works just as effectively while having no chemicals or preservatives added to it. Moreover, because our bug spray is 95% organically-grown ingredients, you can be confident in knowing that you don’t have any pesticides or herbicides leaching into your bloodstream when using it. Lastly, everything in our bug spray is completely plant grown; everything that is in it naturally occurs in the environment without any alterations, modification, adjustments, or manipulation. This means that you and your family are safe from unnecessary meddling with nature.