Life can be a collection of wonderful moments, heartwarming surprises, blooming dreams, and much more. Yet, life can also be a juggling act. More so, at times, it can be hard to achieve just a little balance in your world, let alone find balance in all sectors of your life! Nevertheless, this conundrum is not everlasting! As a company, Maple Organics strongly believes in creating a life that is full of balance and choices. We understand that everyone strives to satisfy their own definition of balance and that everyone wants a life that is good in all aspects – including work life, with family, with friends, with your passions/hobbies + more!

In fact, our co-founders – Rosy Atwal and Ashley Ward – initially aspired to create a business that would provide balance + choices for themselves AND for others as well. Once Maple Organics was created, these values were followed and have continued to be an important part of the company ever since.

Essentially, we provide business opportunities that will be flexible to your schedule and will fit your needs. You can work full-time, part-time, or whatever amount of time that fits within your schedule. All in all, Maple Organics is a company that can help carve out a dosage of flexibility and time into your day; working at Maple Organics means that you will get more time in your life! You can gain more time for yourself + your passions, more time to spend with your friends, kids + family, maybe even gain more time to go on the vacation you always wanted to go on!

Maple Organics is also a company that provides a great income opportunity. With this career path you will be able to easily add a few hundred dollars to your income every month. Potentially, you can earn enough money to fill in the gaps in your life – for instance, you can gain extra spending money to pay off a fee/bill and for other things you have put off your list. Or, you also have the potential to earn a full time income with Maple Organics; there is an unlimited earning potential!

Moreover, Maple Organics provides various job opportunities – it is not only just in sales! We are here to support your dreams and goals every step of the way! We provide outstanding training and more importantly: we don’t just sell, we educate. We are here to inspire, support, and to have compassion for our team members. With Maple Organics you will be part of a fun + supportive community geared towards expanding your inner potential.