There are many ways to join the Maple Organics community. You can become a Wellness Consultant, a Host, or join Maple Organics world by ordering products!

Wellness Consultant

As a Wellness Consultant you will conduct your work through Network Marketing! Essentially, you will be selling Maple Organic products directly to the consumer – so meeting one-on-one, at parties, events, or through social media. This method gets rid of the “middleman” (warehousers, retailers) giving the Wellness Consultant more opportunities for higher commissions. It also allows the consultants to lead a life of choice –you will be able to be your own boss and dictate your business around your priorities. You can choose how much time you would like to invest in this business and how much income you will be making – you will make all the choices. Lastly, removing the middleman allows for us to focus on the products itself and gives us the ability to spend more on higher quality ingredients. Thus, we will be able to provide the best products to our customers at a reasonable price!

Also, you may be happy to hear that you will have very little risk starting a business with Maple Organics! We take care of everything on the back end including product development, shipping, website, marketing, and more. All in all, as a Wellness Consultant you will have the opportunity to be a part of a fun, loving, informative, and supportive community.

Team Building

If you do decide to become a Wellness Consultant (and absolutely love the role!!), you may also want to consider building a team! With Maple you have the ability to sponsor new Wellness Consultants to your team and build a downline organization. Furthermore, building a team provides you with the opportunity to increase your commissions! Essentially, you – the team leader – can earn commissions on your team member’s customer base as well. In fact, as a consultant you earn a base commission of 35% on retail sales but you can gain up to 52% when you bring new members to your team; these are some of the highest commission in the industry.

As you create your team you will be able to develop your own professional skills as a leader and as a coach. You will need to be committed, helpful, and informative! Essentially, as their leader + coach you will be training, educating, supporting, motivating, and inspiring your team members. You will be there for your team members every step of the way, guiding them whenever they need some guidance!


Another way you can join Maple is by hosting a party! A great way to share and promote products is through party. Many Wellness Consultants host parties, but you do not need to be a Wellness Consultant to host a party. As a host, you will provide the guests food + drinks while a certified Wellness Consultant educates the guests on our products. If you do decide to host party, you will be given the opportunity to earn a minimum of 10% and up to 20% of party sales, which you can use towards free products; you may also get the chance to get Hostess Promotions that have exclusive offers! An average Maple Organics party can make up $300 worth of sales, almost $70 an order! As a host you can use your percentage of sales towards one of our most popular bundles PLUS products at 50% off! A one stop shop for your household and gifting needs!