Clean living – this term can mean different things for different people. But, in general, clean living refers to a life free of any toxicity; it is a life that strives to remove the negativity and to build something more beautiful instead.

There are many ways to achieve a clean living, one way you could do this is by literally cleaning your living space! Remove clutter, clean up, change things around! You may even want to reinvent your whole living space and make it fit your definition of being clean. If you do desire to go even further, you may want to use things in your household that is environmentally friendly. Introduce organic and natural items to your living space – whether it is for decoration, cleaning, or maintenance. You can start using homemade organic cleaners, switch paper towels for dishcloths, etc. Essentially, create a healthy home environment that is also ecofriendly as well!

Another way to attain clean living is through alternative medicine or treatments. You may want to look into Ayurvedic treatments to help with your health! These treatments and medicines use organic methods (finding things found organically grown in nature) rather than using conventional methods. For instance, certain foods may superfoods and contain many health benefits. Subsequently, Essential Oils are another good form of alternative medicine. These oils can be terrific topical treatments and can help with various things.

The third way to acquire a clean living is through your body! For this you will need to focus on your food intake and exercise. Make sure you are consuming foods that are good for you – so basically organic, whole, and real food; nothing processed, nothing artificial. Limit foods that have preservatives, additives, added sugar, bad fats, and products that contain no nutritional value. Instead, consume fruits, veges, healthy proteins + carbs! It is also important to drink lots of water and to keep yourself hydrated everyday. As for exercise, add any sort of movement you can. It can be as simple as a walk or going on a long hike! Do whatever you can to keep your body healthy and active. But remember to go at your own pace and remember to breathe!

The last way to lead a clean living is through your soul. Take some time out and do things that will help you prosper, grow, and glow – show yourself some love! Mediate all the negativity away and allow for your mind, body, and soul to be at peace. Remove any negative thoughts, toxic habits, or even negative people in your life. Make sure you do what is best for yourself! Create a life that is meaningful, beautiful, and full of happiness.