Concentration, Diffusion, Process and Quality:
The certified organic arnica oil used in Maple Organics Joint Therapy contains helenalin and dihydrohelenalin esters. These molecules provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic relief to joints when applied topically. However, to maximize the effectiveness of these molecules, it is important to extract the essential oil from the arnica flower petals through a high quality diffusion process.
A great example of diffusion is the method of making tea.  When you place your teabag in a cup of hot water the molecules in the tea begin to diffuse out of the teabag and into your cup of hot water.  If you were to place many teabags in a cup of hot water and leave it for a long period of time you would end up with a very strong cup of tea.  While, if you were to place only one teabag in a cup of hot water for a short period of time you would end up with a weak cup of tea.
We use this same concept to move the essential oils from the Arnica montana petals into our carrier oil, certified organic olive oil.  Many petals are left to diffuse for a long time in the certified organic olive oil, allowing maximum levels of certified organic arnica oil to be extracted.  In our industry, joint relief balms are composed of 8% arnica oil on average, while our Joint Therapy balm is 12% certified organic arnica oil.  Through our process we ensure that the arnica oil used in Maple Organics Joint Therapy is of quality concentration, is at the correct dosage and able to provide great results.

Medicinal Absorption:
While you may be tempted to go out and buy pure arnica oil from your local drugstore, it’s important to note that Maple Organics Joint Therapy has been designed specifically to carry certified organic arnica oil deep into your skin to target sore joints.  It’s very important that the mode of transportation is designed for topical administration so that the active molecules – helenalin and dihydrohelenalin – can reach the joint in high concentration.  Arnica oil on its own may penetrate, to some extent, the upper dermal layers but fails to be fully absorbed through all the dermal layers where it can then reach the joints.  This lack of full absorption by the joints causes the effects of arnica oil to be diminished.  Maple Organics Certified Joint Therapy counteracts this problem by providing a proprietary blend that’s similar to the skin’s natural oils to carry the certified organic arnica oil all the way to your joints, providing much needed relief!