​September is here!! For many people, the beginning of this month means many things! It can be a month that calls for new start, a month the signals the beginning of fall, or it can represent the period to restart something that you may have left behind. It can also be a signal for people to get back into routine! More so, it is a time that usually calls for us to add order to your day and to work towards preparation for all the things that come with this period. Subsequently, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and flustered with the amount of things that you have to prepare for; it can be difficult to ease yourself back to routine and to mentally/physically prepare yourself for it.

Nevertheless, there are a few great ways that can help you ease yourself back into routine. One great way is through meditation. Meditation can help you recharge your mind and body for the busy days ahead. Just take out a minimum of five minutes in your day and mediate. These meditations do not need to be overly intricate. In fact, the best and simplest mediation exercise focuses on your breath. All you need to do is find a good spot in your home (or another area), sit straight on a flat surface, clear your mind, and just breathe – more importantly attempt to solely focus on your breath! You need to concentrate on inhaling a deep breath in and exhaling a deep breath out.

Many people have found that mediation increases their energy throughout their day and feel more exuberant in their mind, body, + soul. Mediation can also help with productivity! It can help improve various mental functions (including creativity, focus, memory, etc), relieve stress, and can increase or improve your preparation/planning capabilities.

If you do seem to have a hard time adding meditation into your life or even having a hard time doing the exercise itself, you may find using a app or watching a meditation video to be very helpful. Using a app (such as calm) or a video can be a great a guide to practice meditation. Essentially, they provide thorough instructions on what to do and can help you concentrate better during your mediation exercises.

Another important step to do to help you get back into routine is through your health + wellness. It is important to add an exercise routine and to clean up your diet. Similar to mediation, practicing wellness and self-care through theses methods can provide many benefits for your busy day. You can start by eating more fresh and whole foods! The less processed foods you intake, the more better your mind and body will feel. You can increase your energy tenfold by eating better.

Exercise can be equally as efficient. Create an exercise routine that works for you and your schedule. This routine does not have to be complex or incredibly long! It is good to start with a basic routine that you are comfortable with. You can begin by doing simple cardio, such as walking or running, and add a few other exercises along the way. You may also want to look into other forms of exercise, such as dancing or biking – these activities can be a great workout and you may be surprised by how much fun these exercises can be.

With these few methods, you may find yourself falling back into routine with absolute ease! Your days will be more productive and you will be filled with more peace.

Source: MO Site feed