Eczema can make our world stop. Extreme irritation, itching and pain from inflammation and minor wounds. Not to mention the appearance of the patchy purple skin. Maple Organics Skin Therapy can help replenish the driest skin and begin the repair necessary to overcome these symptoms.
Often we are told there is a food allergy, a household irritant or some external element causing eczema. It is quite difficult what can be causing eczema but often it is a deep layer of dry skin. How can we avoid dry skin?

  • Take lukewarm baths and avoid hot showers
  • Avoid fragrant laundry detergents
  • Avoid fabric softeners
  • Apply Maple Organics Skin Therapy BEFORE and AFTER baths and washing hands. The kokum butter acts as a natural occlusive and blocks the skin from losing moisture. Whilst allowing for thorough cleansing, this barrier acts as a natural skin sealant.

We hope these simple tips help you ward off extreme dry skin!