maple organics

Many of you know why I started Maple Organics and how it came to be that we founded a national success with our company. This fall, I took a pivot to truly align with my heart and true calling of women’s empowerment.
I removed our mutli-level payment plan and replaced it with single level distribution commissions. Our new program pays women 55% commission on our product sales. We don’t ask them to carry any inventory and we reduced our start up costs to $29. I wanted to provide a fair, competitive and enriching earning opportunity for all women to create lives of freedom and success.

Having experienced some hardships in my career due to my early-aged rise to senior leadership. A time, which aligned with my child-bearing age. I learned some lessons that gave me a deep passion for women’s rights.

I believe women deserve a fair alternative to 9-5 work. An alternative that allows them to have 100% flexibility to make decisions that work for them and their roles as moms. This flexibility needs to be about so much more than ‘work from home’. It’s about making crucial decisions when they matter. Like, not attending a business trip because your IVF embryo implantation doesn’t permit you to fly, a hard one to explain to HR during layoffs, or missing your child’s surgery due to a presentation. These are the moments in which women deserve the right make a call about their priorities.

With their own Maple Organics business, our business owners are able to build a life that works around their priorities, no questions asked. I am filled with joy for the lives this business has touched. World-class products, available exclusively through our site, commissioned to you.

I hope this pivot for Maple Organics furthers our ability to enable more successful women to build side-business contingencies or full-time business opportunities. However you use this opportunity, it is yours for the taking.