Joint Pain and Winter


Have you ever wondered why your already stiff and sore joints get even worse when the cold weather sets in? Or maybe in the warmer months you aren’t bothered by joint pain but start to feel a difference in the colder months? If winter has you feeling 95 instead of 55, here are the culprits. 

When the thermometer starts to dip, the body will try and conserve heat and start to send blood flow to your central organs, like your heart and lungs. When this happens, the blood vessels in the arms, legs, shoulders and knee joints will constrict. Less blood flow leaves these areas colder and stiffer which leads to discomfort and pain. Changes in barometric pressure can also cause an inflammatory response in the joints resulting in changes in circulation and nerve fiber sensitivity, again leading to an increase in pain. This can happen anywhere in the body, but it is most common in weight bearing joints like the knees, hips and ankles. 

Rosy Atwal, co-founder of Maple Organics, Canada’s first organic pharmaceutical company, came up with a formula to assist with joint pain. Our soothing salve is made up of clean, organic plant based ingredients so you can rest assured that after applying Maple Organics Joint Therapy, no pesticides or herbicides will enter your bloodstream. Essential oils and arnica oil encourage blood flow the painful areas in your body while also providing anti inflammatory properties to bring relief and help ease stiffness and pain.

Try applying a layer of Joint Therapy followed by a warm damp towel to help drive in the natural medicinal properties of our organic and natural treatment option.

If you are a sufferer of winter joint pain, it’s a good idea to ensure you are dressed warmly before heading out into frigid temperatures and to make sure to properly warm up and stretch before any outdoor exercise. Keeping warm will help keep the pain at bay. 

Stay warm,