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I will admit, I’ve always been a die hard Secret Spring Breeze kinda girl. My trusty powder blue bff has been with me through some sweaty situations- hello childbirth! And let’s not forget that one time I tried hot yoga. After several happy years together, I started becoming more interested in natural, non toxic, organic living. I soon learned the many pit falls (see what I did there) of aluminum laden deodorant. So I said a teary goodbye to my old friend Secret Spring Breeze and entered the unchartered territory of natural deodorant. Jars and tins and sticks, oh my! No powder blue plastic to be seen. If you’ve been wondering about natural deodorant and why it would be beneficial to you, here are some things you should know. It might not be easy at first, but is well worth the health benefits in the long run. 

Aluminum, one of the main ingredients in antiperspirants has been linked to all sorts of health problems, some of the most prominent being breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Because we apply this often and close to breast tissue, our skin absorbs the chemicals which travels to breast tissue. Other troubling findings include hormonal disruption and infertility issues. 

Antiperspirants work by clogging our pores so our sweat can’t be released, which is actually crucial for our health. Sweating is healthy, helping to flush out toxins from our systems and cool our bodies properly. A common misconception is that sweat smells and causes body odour. Sweat is actually just salt and water. It’s the bacteria on our skin that mixes with the salt and water that causes the odour. If we reduce the bacteria we reduce our body odour. So a natural deodorant will not stop you from sweating but is more than capable of absorbing and preventing odour with ingredients like baking soda, essential oils, charcoal and natural butters, all containing natural and powerful antibacterial and odour absorbing agents.

It won’t all be roses and unicorns coming from your pits at first, ladies and gents. After using antiperspirants for a long time, your body will have become dependant on them and need a detox period. Your body will begin to push these chemicals out, amd that may not mix well with the baking soda that is in many natural formulas. Don’t let this scare you, people. 

  • Try and go au naturel for a few days before starting your natural deodorant. You may think you are doing a disservice to your family, coworkers and community by even attempting this. If the thought of pure pits freaks you right out, you could try dabbing a small amount of coconut oil, tea tree and lavender on the area during the detox period to keep that pesky BO at bay.
  • Face masks aren’t just for faces! Throw a layer of your favourite detoxifying mask under those arms along with a gentle exfoliator to help the process along.
  • Steer clear of polyester and synthetic fabrics. You want your pits to feel the breeze during this time, not feel like they’ve hopped in a time machine back to 1972. Synthetic fabrics trap wetness.
  • The detox process usually takes a week or two, try and be patient.
  • No two armpits are alike, well except for your own. Not every deodorant formulation will work for every body chemistry. This may be a few frogs before the prince kind of situation. Don’t sweat it!

Natural deodorant has even more benefits than reducing disease risks. The ingredients can be soothing, smoothing and assist with razor burn. A less irritated armpit will allow for a closer shave, and say goodbye to those yucky yellow stains on your favourite shirts! Your pores won’t be clogged and all that good bacteria can get to work now that it isn’t trapped beneath a layer of chemicals, naturally making you less smelly! That’s right, antiperspirant can actually make your sweat smell worse by altering the way the bacteria on your skin is supposed to work to digest sweat! Who knew?

We have been working hard over at Maple Organics to bring you a natural and organic deodorant option. We are so excited for our amazing customers to try this specially formulated non toxic option. Stay tuned for our big release date in the new year!