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As I’m getting older, a good skincare routine is more and more important to me. There are so many benefits to taking care of your skin from slowing the aging process to a nice even tone and more radiance. My mom always told me to make sure to “wash away the day”. I admit I am guilty of occasionally falling asleep with my makeup on, but after I started using Maple Organics’ face care line, those days are few and far between as I enjoy the process so much more and see a big difference in my skin!

I start with the Rose Foaming Face Cleanser. The first thing I love about it is the amazing smell! It leaves my skin squeaky clean but without any harsh drying effects. A great gentle cleanser to keep my skin clean and healthy. It gets all the grime and build up from the day right off!

After cleansing, I use the Lavender and Rose Water Toner to balance the pH of my skin and soothe after a long day. Organic lavender and witch hazel are amazing for balancing all skin types. Those two power ingredients can help with everything from inflammation and irritation to acne. It can also even out skin tone. This step prepares my skin for the next, and best (in my opinion) step!

The third step in my routine is the Rose Beauty Oil. This powerful blend of oils checks off every box on the skin care wish list. Organic rosehip works as an amazing retinol alternative, high in skin repairing and firming beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Also rich in sea buckthorn – a powerhouse of over 20 minerals and 60 antioxidants, my skin looks and feels soft and supple. Bulgarian rose oil not only smells amazing but it also contains a complex array of vitamins and minerals that treat redness and inflammation, leaving you glowing!

Finally, I roll on my Eye Serum from the soothing steel roller (I keep it in the fridge to help keep puffiness at bay). Jojoba and a mix of essential oils work to tighten and smooth the delicate eye area. I use this again in the morning and sometimes throughout the day as a pick me up to smooth makeup that has settled into any fine lines.

Once a week I treat my skin to Maple Organics Rose Detox Mask. Depending on the season and how my skin is feeling, I either use water or a bit of rose oil to mix into the powder and make my mask. I love to draw out the impurities that have collected in my skin and reveal smooth, soft, supple skin. Right now the colder temperatures have my skin a bit dry and an oil mask is the perfect remedy.

Remember to wash the day away and you will see the benefits of your skin care regime almost instantly!