Healthy Joints

For many, this time of year is about making resolutions and setting goals to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you have set goals for yourself, good for you! They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. You are halfway to success.

So, how can we prepare for success in the new year? Our bodies simply can NOT go straight from rest to action. We’ve all done it before, gone from doing not a lot to straight to P90X and then wondering why everything hurts! Our joints, tendons, and ligaments have stiffened over time and the low pressure winter weather system wreaks havoc on our mobility.

Without proper training and good recovery practices we are likely to get injured and worse yet, fall off the motivation of our new years resolutions and give up all together.

One way you can soften your joints is to use Maple Organics Joint Therapy before and after exercise. This balm is a vasodilator, which will improve circulation this removing inflammatory fluids which cause pain, discomfort and injury. The increased circulation will also strengthen the joint in general. Using Maple Organic’s Joint Therapy is like applying a direct response vitamin and supplement to your knees, ankles, shoulders and elbows.

Joint therapy is similar to Voltaren or Lakota in symptomatic relief. This is good for people who have chronic joint stiffness and pain or arthritis. The main active ingredient is arnica montana, which helps reduce inflammation when rubbed in and followed by a wet heat (such as hot washcloths, a warm bath or hot tub). It makes a great gift for parents or grandparents who are are likely unknowingly relying on and using a toxic mainstream product when our clean, organic joint therapy is available. Stop joint pain before it starts with good exercise practices and a little help from our non toxic formula!

Happy 2020, keep up the great work with those resolutions!