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There are many ways a Wellness Workshop can benefit you. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Maple Organics and the range of clean, organic, non-toxic products we have to offer and what they can do for you. 

A workshop will give you tips, tricks and knowledge about strengthening your internal body’s ability to maintain balance and good health, and to explain how a value driven company, founded by a Canadian mom whose mission it is to make families healthier through organic and pure products can also create career opportunities for women and men.

A workshop will take you through all of our products and the multitude of ways you can use them. Achy joints? We can help. Cold and flu? Got you covered. Sore muscles? Eczema? Headaches? Yes, we have a solution for that too, all while reducing toxic load on your liver by reducing the amount of over the counter medication needed to alleviate aches and pains with a pure and clean solution. Learn why it’s important to replace the chemicals in our body care and pharmaceutical products and how the power of plants can help you to achieve this.

You can attend a Wellness Workshop by contacting a nearby consultant who will be happy to educate you about healthier options and our products, and you will be given the opportunity to host a party and get a Maple Organics mug for free!