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Our liver is one hard working organ. It filters absolutely everything that goes into your body. It clears out drugs, alcohol, chemicals and toxins from your blood. It then processes out the unwanted bits so they can be flushed out through your urine or bile. Sometimes, as your liver does it’s job to process your blood, it can’t keep up and toxins form. These toxins can then inflame and damage your liver. Let’s talk about some possible causes of this and how to reduce our toxin load.

Taking a lot of painkillers is a big one for being hard on your liver. Two of the worst possible drugs for your liver to process are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These are more widely known as Tylenol and Advil. Commonly and frequently used for headaches and aches and pains, a lot of people don’t realize the toll these can take on the liver, especially when used regularly and in combination with alcohol- another heavy hitter on our livers.

It’s not only what we put in our bodies that we have to worry about but also what we put on our bodies, and breathe into our bodies.  Anything you put on your skin- whether that’s a scented lotion, a medicinal rub for pain, Vaseline for dry skin, the chemicals and hormone disrupters that are in so many of the products we slather on our skin without a second thought get absorbed into our bloodstream and also have to be processed and eliminated by our livers.

The founder of Maple Organics, Rosy Atwal, has developed clean, non toxic, organic replacements for many things in your medicine cabinet. Making this switch can reduce the work your liver has to do and keep our bodies healthier and toxin free! 

If you suffer from joint related pain, our Joint Therapy can replace Advil and other anti inflammatory drugs by using the power of plants and clean butters and oils to naturally increase blood flow to painful areas. Sore muscles and headaches can be alleviated with Muscle Therapy using the same plant based medicine. Try our Skin Therapy for dry skin and eczema, and Cold and Flu Therapy for congestion and sinus pain. We also offer clean body and face care in our catalogue of products.

With clean and natural options out there, it doesn’t make sense to pump ourselves full of toxins with the potential to cause liver toxicity. Of course we sometimes need to take prescription drugs and an occasional painkiller, but if we can even reduce our consumption a little we are doing our bodies a big favour.

Tips to keep your liver functioning at it’s best:

-Drink alcohol in moderation.

-Use medications wisely- follow proper dosing and never mix with alcohol

-Take care with aerosol sprays, being sure to be in a well ventilated area and wear a mask when using insecticides, fungicides, paints etc

-Protect your skin with gloves, long sleeves a hat and mask if you must be around chemicals.

-Eat well and exercise

Last but not least, switch out your pharmaceutical and body care products for clean and non toxic options whenever possible.