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Adaptogens were not on my radar until recently, when Rosy Atwal, founder of Maple Organics, told us about how she used to have moon milk as a child as part of a bedtime ritual, a way to calm down and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Milk infused with saffron helped Rosy and her siblings fall asleep easily and stay asleep. From this an idea was born and Maple Organics has been working hard on a new product, our Rose Moon Milk. A beneficial mix of beet root, ashwagandha and schisandra berry work together to do amazing things for our cortisol levels, in turn providing a more restful night’s sleep and lowered feelings of stress. These ingredients not only help with sleep and stress but also benefit a few other vital body systems at the same time. These days it seems everyone has a lot of different stress inducing circumstances and are not getting optimum amounts of rest. Who couldn’t benefit from a better sleep and less stress?

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a select group of herbs and sometimes mushrooms that support the body’s natural ability to deal with stress. They are called these because they have the power to “adapt” what they need to do according to what your body’s needs are. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing traditions, they’re making a huge comeback in recent years. 

The plants are able to lower stress by interacting with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the sympathoadrenal system. Adaptogens can help level out hormone production and physiological responses to stress and help your body function at optimal levels when it comes to your mind, energy level and immune system. When the stress response is mediated, it frees up the body’s resources to optimize other areas, making your body strong and ready to fight disease and use energy correctly.

The benefits of schisandra berry

One of Maple’s Rose Moon Milk’s star ingredients, you may have heard this berry called the “Five Flavour Berry” since it’s flavour profile is made up of all five taste sensations- sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter. This adaptogen has several healing benefits including:

-stress management

-boosts energy

-improves immunity

-anti aging

-mental clarity and less fatigue

-cancer prevention

-less anxiety and better sleep

-healthy liver support

Beet root has a dense nutritional content, and can reduce blood pressure due to it’s high nitrate content, improve digestion and even lower your risk of diabetes by lowering glucose levels and increasing insulin sensitivity with a high content of alpha-lipoic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant. This is in addition to all the other similar benefits of the schisandra berry we previously discussed.

Another heavy hitter in the adaptogen world, ashwagandha has a multitude of impressive benefits as well. Much like schisandra berry, this herb is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and free radical fighting. Praised by many for it’s bedtime benefits, soon you’ll be back to sleeping like your younger self and finding life’s daily stressors easier to manage. 

Don’t expect an immediate result, you need to give these powerful herbs time to work in your body and with your adrenal system to see full benefits. Although evening is a great time to incorporate adaptogens into your routine, you can also add these to your morning smoothie. The key is to get the power of the adaptogens into your body and working with your cells.

Cheers to less stress and better sleeps ahead!