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Women everywhere are spending a lot of time and energy chasing the fountain of youth. We slather on creams, serums, lotions and potions that make promises of 98% fewer wrinkles and improved tone and texture in five weeks. The problem is we often give little thought to what is in these serums and creams and the potential they have to do more harm than good to our skin. Full disclosure- before I became more educated and interested in all things healthy living, I would have easily covered my face in anything that claimed to get rid of sun spots or fine lines without a second thought. Retinol with a side of retinol? Sure! Truth is I usually ended up with red, irritated skin and looked worse than when I started. Enter the clean beauty movement, and I was done with my retinol for good.

Retinol and other retinoids are derived from Vitamin A which is a nutrient that drives cell turnover. It does work to increase collagen and make skin more resistant to new wrinkles, but it comes with a price.

Retinoids contribute to increased risk of skin cancer. Retinol makes skin sensitive by rapidly turning over cells. The new delicate cells can easily burn when unprotected skin is exposed to sunlight. Another issue is the use of BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and parabens to stabilize retinoids, which are linked to cancer, reproductive problems and hormonal disruption. Retinoids weaken our skin barrier and cause undesirable effects such as redness, burning and peeling. Retinol can also be harmful to developing fetuses.

Luckily there are effective plant based options that work to increase collagen production, even skin tone and demolish fine lines and wrinkles. Rosy Atwal, founder of Maple Organics, wanted to develop something effective that addressed the concerns of women, while keeping it clean, organic and plant based. Enter the power of rosehip oil, one of the many beneficial ingredients in our Rose Beauty Oil. 

Rosehip oil is an excellent natural alternative to retinoids. It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins E, C and A which absorb into the skin, provide essential moisture and promote collagen production. This is key as we start losing a percentage of our collagen year by year as we age. The vitamin A in rosehip helps to reduce dark spots and brighten and even out your skin tone. The antioxidant action of rosehip protects our skin from further damage. 

There’s no need to risk sun damage, sensitivity, itching, burning and exposure to stabilizing chemicals to get smooth, healthy looking and hydrated skin. I have used Rose Beauty Oil for almost a year, and have experienced great results. My skin is hydrated, even, and my sun spots have diminished greatly. Not only can it help you keep your face in tip top condition, but it can do wonders for stretch marks and heal small scars as well!