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Soon we will get to trade in the dark, damp, cold weather for sunshine, warmth, buds on the trees and flowers! This is an exciting time of year for many but unfortunately this is also the beginning of itchy, watery eyes, stuffy noses and scratchy throats for so many allergy sufferers. My family is hit hard by seasonal allergies and I was forever looking for alternatives to Claritin, Reactine and Benadryl, which never seemed to work well anyway. Thankfully I was able to find and incorporate plant based alternatives to help end my family’s misery. 

Maple Organics Cold and Flu isn’t just for cold and flu, it can serve double duty and be used to help ease the symptoms that seasonal allergies bring. Made with organic, non toxic, plant based ingredients like eucalyptus essential oil, to help get rid of congestion and sinus pain. Eucalyptus works with receptors in our nasal mucous membranes to lessen stuffiness and make breathing easier.

To help with allergy symptoms, apply Maple Organics Cold and Flu Therapy to the sides of your nose and below your nostrils, being careful to avoid your eye area. This can be especially helpful at bedtime when a stuffy nose makes sleeping difficult. Another way you can get the benefits of this is to put a dab on a tissue and cup this underneath your nostrils and breathe deeply a few times when symptoms flare.

Maple Organics has many products that can be used for more than one purpose and I found the essential oil rollers to be so helpful in daytime seasonal allergy relief used in combination with the Cold and Flu Therapy. One of my favourite ways to help my family ease their symptoms is by using a combination of the peppermint and lavender rollers on the bridge of the nose for congestion and on the temples for itchy eye relief.

Lavender has anti inflammatory properties and can reduce swelling in the airways, as well as helping to relieve headache. Peppermint works in the same way and can also act as an expectorant. Inhaling this combination can provide relief from scratchy throats and blocked sinuses much like eucalyptus can. When paired together you have an allergy relief powerhouse!

Next time you reach for the Claritin, give our all natural remedy a try instead. I think the results will surprise you and you will soon find yourself reaching for chemical formulations less and less.