Could there be a worse time to experience allergies? Confusing symptoms add stress in an already stressful time! Seasonal allergies are very high during this time of year as airborne pollen from grass, trees and other plants, along with mould spores, are released in greater quantities. This causes itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, irritated throat, headache and also sends asthma into high gear. 

Maple Organics can help! Our all natural and organic cold and flu therapy can provide soothing relief to irritated airways. Eucalyptus essential oil in a balm base of coconut and olive oil along with kokum butter is a major player in helping ease congestion and stuffiness, bringing chemical and petroleum free relief to allergy sufferers. Our certified organic essential oil rollers can also help ease symptoms.

Try rubbing our cold and flu therapy gently over your throat and underneath your nose. Applying a warm towel to your throat area after applying will help to move the product deeper into tissue and work more effectively. Using a combination of lavender and peppermint essential oil rollers on temples, down the sides of your nose and on the base of your neck will help take down swelling and congestion that seasonal allergies bring. Always be careful to avoid your sensitive eye area.

Some other things that can help you through the allergy season:

-Keep windows and doors closed during peak pollen periods

-Change your clothes, or better yet, shower after being outdoors

-Vacuum and dust frequently to remove any pollen or spores from your home

-Wear a mask for outdoor chores

-Bring your workouts indoors on particularly bad days

-Gargle with salt water and try a saline nasal rinse

A few small steps can make a huge impact to how you feel during allergy season. Don’t let seasonal allergies stand in your way!