Garden spray

Now that garden season is in full swing, you may be having trouble with little critters eating your plants and snacking on your fruits and vegetables more than you get a chance to! Finding a solution to keep bugs at bay can be challenging especially if you don’t want to use harmful pesticides in and around your home.

Insecticides have been linked with health concerns including increased risk of some cancers, and this risk goes up if used indoors.

Insecticides work by either poisoning insects or by disrupting transmissions between synapses, much like nerve gas does. Some types of insecticides can stay on plants for some time, affecting insects landing on plants long after application.

Another issue is effectiveness. A number of insects — including aphids — can develop resistance, making insecticides less effective. In addition, use of insecticides can harm beneficial insects.

Gently and safely keep little garden critters at bay with our soft aromatic Garden Spray. Made with a simple solution of plant-based soap, apple cider vinegar, plant oil and water, this Garden spray will help to eliminate small soft bodied insects such as aphids, whiteflies, spider mites and mealybugs.

Insecticidal soaps have several advantages over pesticides in that they leave no nasty residue, are non-toxic to animals and birds, and do not harm beneficial insects. They work by breaking down the outer shell of the insect. It is a contact solution, meaning if an insect lands on the plant after the soap solution has dried, the insect will not be affected. Insecticide soaps have been shown to break down in nature.

Now you can rest assured that our little friends aren’t snacking while you’re away!

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