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Baby Wash- 237ml/8oz

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     A gentle foaming cleanser made with 100% plant ingredients.

    In India the way skin is taken care of is very different. In North America we typically jump in a steaming hot shower and use the most lathering fragrant soap, likely full of surfactants and toxins - both of which strip the natural oils from our bodies. We then towel off and find the thickest lotion we can find to put all the moisture back in. Sadly moisturizers are full of water which means that they have to contain antibacterials and preservatives which are absorbed directly into the skin. In India, every evening families gather in a warm room and provide massages to each other.

    This ritual likely started as a way to ease sore muscles in farming communities but has evolved to be a staple in most homes. Scalp massages, shoulder massages, foot massages followed by sitting and letting the local butters really absorb into deeper levels of the skin. For best results, they would sleep in the butters. They would then bathe in the morning using a very mild soap which was intended to remove any oils that were not absorbed.

    Follow the above process with our Baby Moisture Balm for infant massage. Once baby has absorbed all the goodness, follow with a top to tail wash with Maple Organics Baby Wash. 2-3 pumps is adequate for a baby. Bottle should last 6 months.
    Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

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