About Us

We Strive to Make Families Healthier

​As a mom, Rosy began Maple Organics to educate and provide families with safer health and wellness alternatives.

​Rosy’s journey into clean living began when she worked at Nature’s Path. She found it amazing to learn about the importance of toxin free food and holistic living. At that time she got pregnant with her first son, Nishaan, she began her search for all things baby. Strollers, cribs, carriers – you name it! In each and every category she found good solutions, except one – baby’s personal care. She couldn’t find a baby wash, shampoo or moisturizer that wasn’t peppered with toxic chemicals. Even the ‘natural’ brands weren’t clean. And here we are, five years later, and it’s not much better.
Having been raised in India, her Mom recounted the principles of caring for baby back home. Rosy took these principles and developed Maple Organics’ organic, pure and clean three step body care process for Nishaan. With his skin nourished and eczema finally under control, Nishaan fell sick with his first flu. Late into the night he was coughing, congested and having a terrible time trying to sleep. Rosy was determined to develop an effective, healthy alternative to the mainstream brands for relief of his symptoms. Working closely with Health Canada and a chemist, she reverse engineered several mainstream topical ointments to extract the active medical ingredients. She then suspended them in an organic base. As a result, we are proud to say that we are Canada’s first Organic Pharmaceutical Company!